Friday, March 03, 2006

Google knows your secrets!

This is scary and somewhat unbelievable. Read this article about Google Desktop.You need to protect yourself now.

I recently bought a new computer. Google Desktop automatically launches at start up. I thought it was pretty handy. But now we find out about the "Search Across Computers" function. On the surface it sounds great. You can access the contents of your computer's hard drive from another computer. Could be great for obtaning files at work from your home computer or vice versa. But, if you use this function Google stores the contents of your PC on it's servers for all the world to see. Anyone can get access to your files.

Do you want people looking at your previous year tax returns? How about your collection of internet porn?

What were the geniuses at Google thinking. At first they resisted the Bush administrations attempt to look at their search logs (and rightly so). Then, they turn right around and open up your computer to everyone. When did they come up with this great idea? Brainstorming in a pub after about 10 shots of Jagermeister? Maybe the bigwigs got a donation from Jack Abramoff?

I've disabled Google Desktop. I think you should too.


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